Drafts Bookmarklet

This is a possibly useful bookmarklet for the Drafts and Drafts for iPad apps. I say "possibly" useful, because Mobile Safari limits what you can do with a bookmarklet - it will work for grabbing the URL always, but only the selected text per below limitations/exception. Specifically:

* There is one exception to this rule. If you are on an iPad, go to Settings > Safari and enable "Always show bookmark bar", and the Bookmarklet is in visible in your bookmark bar (not a submenu), when you tap it, it will capture the text selection properly.

What does it do?

This bookmarklet attempts to grab the selected text in the current web page (see above, will only work for select iPad configurations), joins it with the URL of the current web page, and forwards them to Drafts, creating a new draft based on this content.

How do I install it?

If you use iCloud to sync bookmarks with your iPad/iPhone, then drag the below link to your bookmark bar on your Mac and wait for it to sync to your iOS devices.

> Drafts

If you do not use iCloud, or do not have a Mac – copy to the clipboard the entire text of the area below, create an new bookmark - then edit bookmarks and paste this text into the URL area for the Bookmark.

How do I use it?

Select the bookmarklet when browser the web on your iOS device. Drafts will open, a new draft will be created and the URL of the web page inserted. If you are on an iPad and figured out the annoying exceptions above, the Draft could also include the text you selected on the web page.